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Poster presentations at EBSA2021

All poster presentations consist of three parts:

1. The presenter uploads the presentation three weeks before the meeting. The presentation format may be one of the following:

    a) a high-resolution file (PDF) of the poster and an audio clip.

    b) a video file (mp4) that contains a commented slideshow. The resolution of the video file should not exceed 720 x 1280 pixels and format 9:16.

Audio files or video files should be about five minutes in length. Files that are significantly longer will be rejected. We encourage the presenter to indicate a chat room of his or her choice (e.g., ZOOM, Google, Microsoft Edge, etc.) along with his or her availability for prearranged dates of poster discussion.

Poster uploading is only mandatory for the virtual attendees. On-site attendees may use this option but are not obliged to do so.


2. The poster presentations go online one week before the meeting. Interested scientists may passively listen to the content. An interactive discussion between presenter and audience may occur if the presenter has arranged a discussion link and proposed a convenient schedule for possible discussions. We encourage the presenting scientist to offer a discussion link also in the week following the conference.


3. The organizer reserves certain hours for poster discussions during the meeting (5-7 pm for on-site participants and 7-8 pm for virtual posters (on-site and online participants)).

They allow for the usual interactions between on-site presenters and the on-site/online audience. The organizer also provides every on-site poster and every virtual poster with an individual chat room. It is active during the regular poster presentation hours. Besides, we aim at making these poster chat rooms available for the whole meeting's duration so that interested parties may arrange for individual poster discussions.