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Topics for oral and poster presentations

Advanced optical microscopyLiquid-liquid phase separation & intrinsically disordered proteins
Advances and applications in cryo-electron microscopy (instruct ERIC)Mechanobiology
BioenergeticsMedical biophysics / imaging
Biomimetic nanoporesMembrane active peptides
Biomolecular simulationsMembrane architecture & asymmetry
BiosensorsMembrane signal transduction
Cell & tissue biophysicsMembrane transporter & channels
Channels and Ca2+ signalingNew & notable
Cytoskeleton / motor proteinsProtein translocation, assembly and folding
DNA architecture and gene regulationProtons on interfaces
Emerging breakthrough methods in molecularscale biophysics (ARBRE)Quantification of molecular forces
Ionic liquids biomolecules and cellsSynthetic cell
Light as a tool in biophysicsVirus biophysics
Lipid-protein Interactions 

More information on the abstract submission guidelines can be found here.