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Topics for oral and poster presentations

Advanced optical microscopyLiquid-liquid phase separation & intrinsically disordered proteins
Advances and applications in cryo-electron microscopy (instruct ERIC)Mechanobiology
BioenergeticsMedical Biophysics / Imaging
Biomimetic nanoporesMembrane active peptides
BiosensorsMembrane architecture & asymmetry
Breakthrough methods in molecular-scale biophysicsMembrane signal transduction
Cell & tissue BiophysicsMembrane transporters & channels
Channels and Ca2+ SignalingMethodological advances in biomolecular simulations
Cytoskeleton / Motor proteinsNew & notable
DNA-Architecture and Gene regulation/ gene network dynamics and signalingProtein translocation, assembly and folding
Interfacial protons Quantification of molecular forces
Ionic liquids, biomolecules and cellsSynthetic cell
Light as a tool in biophysicsVirus Biophysics
Lipid-protein Interactions 

More information on the abstract submission guidelines can be found here.